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My Crappy Game

2008-12-08 20:41:04 by Mekial337

Well coma I made a game called Don't Die.

It sucks cause it actually is my first game.
I am planning on making a game called 'Fail Bear'.

Lost My Thumbnail...

2008-12-01 15:49:23 by Mekial337

Yesterday while splitting logs, my thumb got caught under a log splitter. The thumbnail is almost off but it still hurts like hell.


2008-11-15 12:30:57 by Mekial337

Hey, I'm mekial337 (pumped about punk-o-matic 2), I just wanted to let you know about me.
I like playing guitar and bass
I listen to punk, metal, and screamo
And I play the trumpet in band presently, try to switch to percussion.